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Some of our creations

  • Dance productions with the Astarte Dance Troupe
  • Choreographer Per Jonsson's Leende Hunden (Smiling Dog) in cooperation with the Stockholm Culture Centre
  • Raka Lakan (Straight Sheets). Ainbusk. Bryggeri Theatre Visby, Synerga Stockholm
  • Tabu (Taboo). (2) Ainbusk. Roxy Visby, Stockholm Culture Centre, Victoria Theatre Malmö
  • More Amore. Ainbusk. Göta Lejon Stockholm
  • Draculla's Daughters (Draculla's Daughters) (2, 3, 4, 5). Ainbusk. Finnboda Wharf Stockholm, Bulltofta Hangar Malmö
  • Summer concerts. Ainbusk. Borgen Visby
  • Chesty Morgan. Aurora Theatre Stockholm, Victoria Theatre Malmö, Wisby Hotel Visby
  • Tango är en allvarlig sak (Tango is a Serious Thing). Dance Theatre ERI. Victoria Theatre Malmö
  • Lamb Song in the Hour of the Wolf (Lamb Song in the Hour of the Wolf). (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Ainbusk. Tyrol Stockholm, Moriskan Malmö, Rondo Göteborg
  • Takti. Dance Theatre ERI. Southern Theatre. Stockholm
  • Jag ser rött (I See Red). Dance Theatre ERI. Southern Theatre, Kägelbanan. Stockholm
  • Ainbusk in Concert. Sweden Tour
  • Arja Saijonmaa Concerts. Sweden Tour
  • Dröm (Dream). Dance Theatre ERI. Stockholm Culture Centre
  • Farmarflickorna (Farm Girls). Sweden Tour
  • Ainbusk and Olle Sarri at the China Theatre (2). Stockholm
  • China production of the Sweden Tour in cooperation with the Swedish National Touring Theatre
  • Skynda att älska (Hurry to Love). St Nicholas Ruins, Visby
  • I Midvintertid (In the Deep Midwinter). Christmas Concert. Philadelphia Church Stockholm, St John's Church Malmö, St Nicholas Ruins Visby
  • En samling (A Collection). Ainbusk. Sweden Tour
  • Jubilee performance. Ainbusk. Scala Theatre. Stockholm
  • En smäll till (One More Bang). Lise&Gertrud, in cooperation with Stockholm Culture Centre
  • Summer Concerts. Ainbusk. St Nicholas Ruins in cooperations with Ema Telstar
  • I Midvintertid (In the Deep Midwinter). Ainbusk. Sweden Tour in cooperation with Ema Telstar
  • Heliga Rum (Sacred Rooms). Ainbusk. Sweden Tour in cooperation with Ema Telstar.
  • Edith Piaf tour in cooperation with Livenation.
  • Concerts with Arja Saijonmaa in St Nicholas Ruins.
  • Concerts with Maria Möller in St Nicholas Ruins.
  • On tour Maria Möller the Deep Midwinter concerts.

    Since 1984 Dione Artist Production has been involved in a large numer of corporate events, ceremonial occasions, television shows, record productions, etc.
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